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From one mama to another

The Pure Babe is a 100% organic product line for moms, babies, and the entire family too. I was inspired to create this brand through my breastfeeding journey as a first time mom. Because when I say it was a journey... it was truly a journey. I didn’t want to give up breastfeeding so I started to look for solutions; 100% organic solutions of course. 


It all started with the nursing balm product as I desperately needed to soothe and protect my nipples. I wanted a product that was not only safe for me but safe for my baby as well.  And there  you have it started the beginning of The Pure Babe.

With Love,

Saadi's Mom


Here at The Pure Babe we love all things natural and safe with ingredients we can trust. We believe it is your natural born right to have access to 100% organic and non-toxic products. Nature is the best healer and solution for our bodies. Our goal is for our families to never have to choose between what’s best for them and what’s affordable.

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